Keshi Kiama

so what? Leo Jacket

Leo Jacket: so what?

Lennie designer of so what?, is at it again with an outstanding leopard print jacket with inner vest and shirt combinations. The flexibility to wear either the jacket or jacket and vest with your own shirt is a plus. You can pick these up in colors black, grey, purple, pink (shown) and red. The prim parts that include the collar, sleeves and body of the jacket are resize by menu (don’t forget to make a copy first xD) and I found it very easy to fit. Pair it up with your fave jeans and some hat hair and your good to go!

You can find these on Xstreet. I’ve provided the links below.


1. Leo jacket (shirt+vest+jacket) pink: 2. Jeans from CheerNo Mix Pink set 3. Mirai .+*Euma*+.Darkcherry Hat/Hair 4. hoorenbeek Dr. H. Boots Brown 5. Mirror Image  Jamie Skin Pale


1. Leo jacket (vest+jacket) pink 2. SAIKIN henley neck shirt white 3 3. booN Hair LOK255 hair brown

Other Colors Available:

Black: Grey Purple Pink Red

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