Keshi Kiama

CheerNo & the Boys Backstage

Big thank you to Phelipe for inviting me to this photo with the oh so stylish Stokely Mayfair. This has to be my favorite collection of CheerNo’s to date.I thought I was in love with Star Travel, but OMG! These coats, and leggings and all the fur. Someone fan me! Must buy out the store, must buy out the store. You can grab all these lovelies at Casa CheerNo! Enjoy! In-World: Casa CheerNo


On Takeshi Kiama

1. Teseu Ligth Beard#3.Bald 2. Eyes.Romanitc Gray 3 Locked 3. YAN Hair [Vino] 4. Black Vino Hair Base 5. Prince.Frank Jamb 6. Deuil Smith necklace 7. 2FINGERS LEATHER Gloves [Black] 8. BodyPoP Black bottoms 9. YAJI Snake black boots

On Stokely Mayfair 1. Ollie pale base skin 2. Malaia Hair blonde platium 3. Euro Jacket stale gray 4. Leather gloves black no zipper 5. Mood legs black pants 6. Yaji Monalisa boots

On Phelipe Varriale 1. Ollie Tan Halloween MK 1 skin [gift] 2. Prince EXPERIENCE 3. Prince EXPERIENCE necklace 4. Diamond Gloves Black 5. Prince FRANK pants 6. YAJI Snake black boots

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