Keshi Kiama

FIR&MNA Harrison Boot @ Shoe Fair 2011

Shoe Fair 2011 | FIR&MNA Harrison BootFIR & MNA designer Rob1977 Moonites has released a bevy of new shoes for this years Shoe Fair 2011. I’m starting with the Harrison Boot. I was actually bemoaning the loss of a content creator who made some shoes similar to these as I was wanting more color options. I think Rob is a wee bit psychic.

Comfortable and casual, these fit right in with your spring and summer wardrobes. I even had a bit of fun wearing two different colours.

The shoes are available in Black, Charcoal, Brown, Tan, Cobalt, Navy, Red and White. To get the best look, wear the alpha layer provided. They come in men and women’s versions.

Visit FIR&MINA @ The Shoe Fair

S T Y L E  C A R D

1. *Valiant* Brown Cargo shorts 2. ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Houndstooth Blouse 3. [Shag] – Soldier Boy – Dark Shades
[table id=3 /]

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