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HOC Footwear @ Shoe Fair 2011

Shoe Fair 2011 | HOC IndustriesHouse of Curios (aka HOC) Industries has long had a reputation of excellent quality sculpts at unbelievably affordable prices. I was happy to see the set up at Shoe Fair 2011 with an exclusive “Little Bow Pump“. No I’m not wearing it. You can forget that man! I’m sure one of the lovely ladies on the blogging team will get to it. I will however show you some of my fave unisex shoes from there.


According to the HOC official website, brand creator Guu Nishi was inspired to begin creating her own footwear after seeing pair of sculpted shoes by Tesla Miles of Tesla.

Years after first eyeing those influential pumps, Guu continues to dazzle us, as with the “Little Bow Pumps” made exclusively for the 2011 Shoe Fair. Nooooo, I am not going to wear them. I will leave it to one of my fellow Shoe Fair bloggers to show you their gams.

Instead, I wanted to show off a few of my faves for males. Well, I say males. but all know that you girls will wear our stuff anyway. So, lets just say unisex.

First up are the “Velcro Sneaks” (pictured below, left). Versatile, comfortable and – Hello! Thank you! – retexturable by HUD. The combinations are endless as you can see. Price tag? L$50.

The next pair are the elegant and classic “Easy Striders” loafers. These come with 5 leather textures. HOC does a neat thing with this footwear for the brand’s update group members. When the HOC group tag is worn an extra “Members” menu pops up with 3 additional texture choices. The best incentive I’ve seen yet to join a group! You can pick up these little beauties for, wait for it … L$75.

My final choice for today are the revamped “Skoochers“. Basic, smooth, comfy, lace-ups. What more do you need? Oh, and these are still set at the original 2007 price of  … L$30L.

An added bonus to the HOC shoes and accessories. I’m sure most of you have noticed that Second Life® has BLOOMed with dolls afoot. You can barely move without stepping on one. The pricing and quality of HOC is perfect for dressing up your wee people without breaking your wallet. Yes, I did get one. Don’t say it, I know.

You can visit HOC Industries at Shoe Fair.


[top photo]

LEFT 1. [NSD]– Homme Jeans/Navy 2. *ARAI* Nylon Jacket_Blue 3. on BLOOM 1. *Bellies* Green-Grey Dawson Shirt 2. *Fishy Strawberry* Gonzo Jeans Unisex- Mud 3. [OH] :::(o_x)::: Oh my Boi-BL HAT/HAIR 4. [LWL] Expressions Lenses RIGHT 1.  [CheerNo] T-Shirt Lux – Red 2. [CheerNo] NATIVE Forest Pants 3. CHANTKARE MALE Summer Fedora 2011

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