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Shoe Fair 2011 | Magnifico Exclusive Barcavvio

I was delighted with the release of Magnifico Exclusive’s Barcavvio unisex boots. There is some excellent sculpted work here from the buckled wraparound ankle strap to the laces with my favourite touch being the quilted fabric back.

These come in a scrumptious buttery yellow with warm grey straps, laces and accents atop rubber soles and go great with skinny jeans. I had absolutely no trouble fitting these and they are very much like shoes I would purchase in real life. I had alot of fun styling with these. Magnifico’s spot is filled with some excellent footwear so I suggest you get to steppin’!

Shoe Fair 2011 | Magnifico Exclusive Barcavvio

The Barcavvio boots are now available in the Shoe Fair Demos in-world update group. Join the group to try them on Barcavvios and over 25 other footwear demos in the comfort of your home sim today.

You can visit Magnifico Exclusive here.


1. Emery – Top #Scarf 2. Emery – Denim Dark 3. KLETVA-Sam Hair 4. MYA Fabric backpack (group gift)

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