Keshi Kiama

49L Sale for Dudes: Zoobong

Yep it’s back for its 6th run. The 49L Sale for Dudes returns with another truck load of amazing outfits, skins and shoes for guys. Visit their website to get the list of stores. This is the last time the sale will be run by Adjunct designer myvegancookbook Bolissima, with Rob1977 Moonites of FIR&MNA taking over. The sale runs until May 28th so hurry up!
49L Sale for Dudes | ZoobongMy first purchase was at one of my fave shops in Second Life®, Zoobong. Not only for the yummy skins they serve up but for their excellent colorful casual wear as well. I was pleased to see a brand spanking new OCEAN 3.0 PRE-RELEASE skin waiting at the entrance for 1L. Yes you read that correctly. I can’t say enough good things about the skins here. The muscle shading is always perfect, not too sharp but certainly not effeminate. I can’t wait to see the rest of the options for this skin. I also grabbed the 49L item, the Brady SwimShorts in Orange. They did have a really beautiful pink. I almost got it. Almost! Seriously though, enough colors to make anyone happy.


1. Zoobong Ocean 3.0 skin 2. Zoobong Brady SwimShorts Orange 3. FIR&MNA Andover FlipFlops (at shoe fair 2011) 4. DuraBoy hair 16 5. je suis necklace (glance readers gift) 6. MADesigns STUDIO blue eyes

Poses | Frozen Panty Editorial Male 1 | Coming tomorrow

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