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Ice, Ice Baby: Muism Is Back!

Yeah sorry for the cheesy title. That’s me though :P Yesterday started out really wonderful. It was bright and sunny, I got some awesome news and was blogging away. Of course the later hours brought some gloom. Meh. Big hug and thank you to my Miaa for giving me the slap upside the head I needed to snap me out of it. :P So anyway!

All fine now! The awesome news yesh! Joy Laperriere from EUPHORIA introduced me to Icemocolo Voom of Muism. Of course I know who he is! :P When I was really getting into modeling, Muism set the standard for new male fashion in Second Life® with prim work and textures that were unlike anything else on the grid. It was at a great time as KMADD (MADesigns) was taking off and more and more men coming into Second Life® were looking to improve their appearance, to find their own sense of style. So yes, I had a fanboy moment. Sue me.

Well he’s back and in more ways than one and we won’t let him leave again will we? He dropped some items on me and I really meant to get these out last night, but alas my timezone is not Second Life® friendly. But I worked hard on the pictures and here they are!

First up, the Wrangler Denims textured with heavy crinkles and a perfect distressed effect. These fit wonderfully, the pockets and buttons are all the right size and they come in (at time of this writing) 3 color choices; Black, Dark Rinse and Washed — with 3 optional leg prims, perfect for wearing with boots when you want that scrunched up cuff look. Found my summer jeans!

Next up are the Troy boots. Fabulous leather boots with artfully wrapped strap and buckles and can be worn in a multitude of ways. You can turn on the socks option on or off and recolor the socks, the straps and resize either the whole boot or individual prims. If I took photos of all the color combos we’d be here forever! However I will list:

Strap Option

Black, White, Brown, Sand, Olive, Navy, Pink & Broken

Sock Option

Grey, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue, Black, Azure, Purple, Pink, Candy, Orange, Olive & Green

Muism | Minimalist ShadesNow at the time of this post, the boots are in black. Whether there will be other colors I don’t know yet. But keep your eyes out for them.

As well as the jeans and boots, there are a couple of accessory releases to compliment. The Minimalist Shades are sleek and modern in black with colored accents around the frame and temples. These come in a huge amount of colors; Black/Blue (shown), Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Black/White, Black/Orange, Black/Yellow, Lt Blue/White & Black/Grey.

Lastly the Chronotech Watch, leather double strap with a shiny metallic and glass face and very easy to use menu. I’m a simple person and I hate watches that have so many options. This is straight and to the point, you just keep clicking +1 or -1 until you reach your RL time zone  or if you live by Second Life® time you just click Default. Excellent! It also comes in a range of colors; Black, Brown, Navy, Pink, Red, Sand & White. I’m pleased he’s using so much color accents and I can’t wait to see what more he has in store!

The hair is a preview of Giabi by Shi coming to EFW Homme. I’m wearing Dark Brown but it will also be available in Chestnut Brown, Charcoal and Jet Black!

As you might have heard EUPHORIA is having a Homme Fashion Week for Spring/Summer and Muism will feature heavily. Back on the grid where he belongs! Anyone that wants to join the “Keep Ice in SL Making Us Look Hot” committee watch, please IM me. XD Nah just kidding. But hey Ice, so glad to have you back!

1. Poses: Luba Mainstore @ EUPHORIA – Novalita Constantine 2. [top photo] Klam Design – Casual Jacket White Shirt

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  1. yay! & amazing post <3

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