Keshi Kiama

Leather & Tequila with Impala on the side

Nothing like the feel of a black leather jacket over some comfortable jeans. Throw in a 1967 Chevy Impala and you are cooking with gas! Ok so you found me out, I’m a bit of a Supernatural fan. I will point out that I do NOT subscribe to all the fanatical fan fiction that I’ve heard abounds across the net. My interest is a bit more selfish. Reason One; I love anything involving supernatural events period.

Reason Two; I love that car. Told ya :P My mom used to own a 1965 Ford Mustang, cherry red baby and fast as they come! I borrowed it at every possible opportunity. So perhaps you can forgive me of my Supernatural addiction. Well slight. Besides that, Dean just kicks ass.

Ok so that brings me to my outfit! I was watching some older episodes and got inspired. I’ve been wearing alot of color lately, which I love. That hasn’t changed. But I just felt like slipping into a nice worn leather jacket. There are many on the grid and yeah I do own most of them. Today I chose Grasp and wore it atop my Ladies who Lunch Billie jeans with some Adjunct Predator shades. Miaa was taking photos too so we took a hop over to Tableau sim. Hehe and there sat a Prefabrica Cheetah, vintage style sports car. Not my beloved Impala but it worked. If you haven’t been by Tableau, you definitely have to check it out. At least before they change it again. I love the rustic desert colors and cactus trees with rolling tumbleweeds. Great spot for photos.

Well there you have it. I’ve poured out my guts and revealed my Supernatural jig but I’m hoping the imagery will distract you XD Peace out!


1. Grasp Leather Biker Jacket 2. Ladies who Lunch Billie jeans regular 3. SF Design plain white muscle tee 4. saboteurs hair JAE004 5. Adjunct Predator Glasses

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2 thoughts on “Leather & Tequila with Impala on the side

  1. Andrew Laguna on said:

    Keshi, you are great!

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