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Color me happy when I got a blogger pack from Wavie Haller of Sacred Skins with five new skins to try out. I’ve been a fan of his skins since his first release and have continued to follow the line. These five skins deliver on face and body and he’s added much more definition to the body which I’m thrilled about.

Sebastian is a rugged, masculine style with piercing eyes. Perfect for the bad boy look with any of the beard options. Well that’s how I’m going to use it :P It comes with five beard options as well as shaved and stubble.

Andrew, the ginger option. I have to say very well done. There are not enough gingers on the grid in my opinion and as I write this my roomie is yelling “Ginger!” across the room. Will someone please explain this ginger thing to me? I’ve always thought that complexion and hair was quite stunning. Anyway, Wavie has hit the mark with this. I’ve been looking for a skin to finally wear this hair with, not to mention it opens your wardrobe up to way more possibilities. I had alot of fun with this skin :D

Brandon has a slight asian look with a perfectly clear complexion. I hate him already. No just kidding! You might not be able to tell since I used my own shape for these. He is a stunner. Tall, dark and handsome anyone?

One of my favorites is the A Touch of Grey skin. It looks just like my dad! I kid you not! My dad is quite the snazzy dresser, though I think my mom had a hand in that early in their relationship :P so I had to do Pop’s justice! I let him borrow my favorite tweed suit and added his favorite newsboy cap and pipe.

KeshiKiamaDOTcom | Sacred Skins

And our finale is Rainn. I’d call Rainn the pretty boy of the pack. I used the provided jawline hairbase that comes with these skins. You get 3 options actually, flat brow, arched brow and brow with jawline which if your like me and tired of the weak chins in SL, this is a great addition. As if that’s not enough, he’s thrown in some great tattoo options, rosy cheeks, eyeliner and a lip-shadow gap.

Well there you have it gentlemen! Get your butts over to Sacred Skins. There’s alot of unique skins there in addition to these new ones so have at it!

I’ll be back later with some long overdue blog posts. Until then, don’t sweat the small stuff! Peace out!


on Sebastian
1. Sebastion T3 – Beard v5 2. *Valiant* Khaki Cargo shorts (unavailable at this time)

on Andrew
1. Andrew  T3 Shaved with Rosy Cheeks add on 2. NANUK viggo v-neck tur 3. [ h ] Tweed Jacket – Brown 4. *Valiant* Black V003 two-tone Jeans (unavailable at this time) 5. Maitreya Natalie – Ginger 6. ::je::suis::homme::glance readers gift BAG 7. MADesigns STUDIO – brown – Determined eyes

on Brandon
1. Brandon T3 Shaved 2. ::Mr.Poet::CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set 3. *Fishy Strawberry* Gonzo Jeans Unisex- Mud 4. **Dura-Boys&Girls**03(Black)-unisex hair 5. MADesigns STUDIO – green – Numb eyes

on A Touch of Grey
1. A Touch of Grey – 001 – T3 – Mustache 2. AOHARU British-Tweed-Suit Plaid-Beige 3. { Kari } – Newsboy cap tweed 4. Pipe by *UEPONYA*

on Rainn
1. Rainn T3 – Shaved with Rosy Cheeks tattoo 2. AOHARU BT LeatherTailoredJK with Shirt WH-Black 3. ~Tableau Vivant~ Metrosexual line ~ Gatsby pants white 4. [Shag] – Soldier Boy – espresso 5. MADesigns STUDIO – brown – Determined eyes

Background: Prop Art – ~Tableau Vivant~ His Dressing Room

on All
1. Lazybum White Briefs

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