Keshi Kiama

30 Days hath September…

And ~Tableau Vivant~ has a skin for that and April, as well as June and November. In fact, they have twelve. One for each month and more stunning than the last. Each a hue and shade made even more interesting with the beard and make-up packs.

As you can see, the definition of the body is well defined but not overdone with attention paid to the collarbone, always a plus.


The face, while smooth and could even be described as beautiful, is certainly not flat or plain. I played with several shape edits and it was flexible and gave me a unique look each time. I decided on the strong and square jaw to balance out the full lips. I love the eyes on this skin as well, absolutely captivating.

The make-up packs dazzle with splashes of color in a rainbow shades from pinks to greens to yellows and blues. There are also glosses for the lips as well as eyeliner. There is even the teeth add-on for 2.0 if you like those :D

All in all, I’m giving it a huge thumbs up and laying claim to August :P

Get yourself down to ~Tableau Vivant~ via this little clicky thing here. Here.


1. MADesigns Studio Honest Blue eyes 2. ~Tableau Vivant~ Gatsby pants white 3. ~Tableau Vivant~ Prop Art ~The Cage stage

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