Keshi Kiama

Along the way…

KESHIKIAMA.COM | 08.15.2011A journey can be a strange thing. It will be at times terrifying then at others exhilarating. It can fill you with hope, then dash it with cold reality. A journey though is never something that one should waste.

It is an opportunity. To challenge yourself, to aspire to be more than what you are. Even when you are faced with the darkness that is your own making. The unknown is the most difficult to face. Take the door not knowing what lie on the other side, or continue on a path with more of the same. Cherish the things you discover along the way. There is no right or wrong you see? It’s just a journey.

1. *Muism* Cargo shorts D.Blue 2. ZB: Hobson Sweater green 3. Ethnic Slip-On *04* pivaaca (no longer available) 4. *FIR & MNA* The Curragh Satchel Khaki Canvas 5. Adjunct Precise Readers 6. [taketomi] Hans LBlonde01 7. the body co. Hunter 04 Medium hair

photographed @ Zigana & Pivaaca

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