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Moves Like… | 12 15 2011This is the first of 3 skin posts I’ll be doing this weekend. I swear I didn’t plan to get wham-bammed with skins but there you have it :D

Mr.Poet has two new skins though I only weakened and bought one, Tomas. Advertised as a male model skin it comes with shape, eyes in blue and gray and 20 choices of A & B type skin with various facial hair making it 40 in total. Not a bad bit of kit for L$1000! Huge shout out to Miss Devine “Diva” Hunt and my Miaa for posing with me last minute. Maybe I should start a model pool o.o

S T Y L E  G U I D E

1. Tomas Skin by Mr.Poet includes eyes & shape (slightly modified) 2. Rigid jeans by Guarded Cross 3. Two Strand Necklace by Gabriel 3b. A:S:S – Droplet necklace, orange calcite 4. Hair by saboteurs 5. Buzz cut hairbase by Lanevo (also available at DURA) 6. Arm Tattoo by Redgrave (included in DAVID skin) 7. Lace-up Boots by Adjunct

top poses by momomuller/3M

3 person pose custom ::jamie::

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