Keshi Kiama

Much ado about…

Initially after deciding not to feed the flames of the, let’s call it for lack of a better word ‘scandal’; I came to the decision that I would write a little something.

My first response to all of the judgments and crude comments was my usual. My motto. You don’t pay my bills or put food on my table or take care of my child. So really I don’t care what you think.

Having been on SL for so long – I actually creak when I walk now – I have seen so many things like this. I have seen it so many times as I’m sure many of us have. And I do believe fully that giving it the focus does just exacerbate the situation and inflame the negativity.

This little bubble that we all like to roll around in, this virtual experience that we all share is just that, an experience. I don’t claim to have all the answers and certainly not for any of you. This ‘scandal’ is just one of many experiences in the long line of experiences had and yet to come. I don’t feel any more for it than that really.

I have sat and observed quietly how people get out of control on SL over some of the most trivial things. I’ve watched this clumsy dance; the need to accuse and blame and harm and put others down and most of the time I just laugh at the show. I’ve watched people turn overnight into little dictators, assembling their army. I suppose they just haven’t realized yet that what you put out, you get back.

I’ve watched as people puff themselves up over a cause and draw lines in the sand. You are with them or you are with me! I’ve watched as people I care very much about have been treated with contempt only to have the very same people then talk to me as if nothing ever happened.

These people have done this and because they have they are WRONG! I said so, didn’t I? So you of course must agree! Must I?

Let me tell you what I must do. I must be happy. It’s as simple as that.

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