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It’s been a while I know however I had no choice with my old desktop finally kickin’ it and dying. Good riddance I say. Gaming computers rock XD


So I missed being able to be in the Menswear Fashion Week but that’s cool. I had a great time seeing the new menswear and my first offering is from CheerNo. Was there ever a doubt?

Saudade [L$400], my favorite of this entire new spring line, struck me right in the heart. Literally. It has a nostalgic feel and breaks all the barriers of dressing down and celebrates taking the reins of fashion and going as far as you want! With a combination of elements from romantic with the rather angelic wings to the more surly boxing gloves and thorn headpiece, this outfit is a stunner.

I’m also loving these new Victorio boots [L$225] that come in a brilliant range of colors. They look amazing and the fit is perfect. Highly suggest you buy the whole lot.

Don’t forget that the CheerNo Menswear Fashion Show is March 31st. Teleport now and start checking out Fashion Week for Dudes :P

I’ve got more stuff coming, Ladies who Lunch, Tableau Vivant, CHANTKARE, skins… be back!

S T Y L E  C A R D

1. Saudade from CheerNo, L$400 2. Victoria boots in brown, L$225 3. Redgrave David skin tan 03, L$990 4. Amazing male poses by Agapee (thank you Sora)

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