Keshi Kiama

Rain Nice Exciting Good Dynamic Cheerful Love

I love those word chains XD Forgive my silliness I just feel great. This whole week has been really nice weather. Sunny just about every day, the trees are finally releasing their buds, green life blood. I take a walk every day. I never have a goal really I just meander around and let my eyes find what pleases me.

Once I found the Mayfair sim, all mesh yay!, I did the same thing. I know its not new to you guys but I just got this computer and I’m having a blast with it. This also gave me the opportunity to show off these splendid pants from Sleep Eddy. I prefer patches on my knees as opposed to my elbows. Coupled with the Askew blazer from LWL and CheerNo’s Victorio boots in brown I was exploring in style!

Today the rain is not really so bad. Days like this the clouds come and try to make you forget the sun. Not to worry, it will shine again soon. As my friend BJ will remind you ;)

1. -Entente- Classic short sleeve tee in white 2. [Sleepy Eddy]  Houndstooth pants in brown with patches 3. [LWL] Askew-crop Blazer in goldenrod grunge with dark collar 4. [CheerNo] BOOTS Victorio in brown 5. booN SCC334 hair in chocolate 6. Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Facial Hair 10 & 7 in dark 7. Adjunct Eyewear Precise Readers 8. -Entente- Matthieu Skin – Tone A Black 9. [CheerNo] Eyes Romantic in Blue 2 10. Umbrella and Pose from what next & rain brush by Elizavet Brushes


Shop in style at Mayfair, an all-mesh sim that is home to the main stores for Celoe and Mon Tissu.

Visit in Second Life

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