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The word is… JLB | 07 09 2012Yeah if you missed the launch of JLB Apparel well I don’t know what to tell you except get your ass down there now! You missed one hell of a party! Funky, check. Bold, check. Stylish? Hell yes! Oh and I forgot to mention all mesh.

Josiah Lee Baxter, who I first saw in a show a couple weeks ago. (sue me then, I’ve been busy :P) and struck me instantly as someone who is incredibly unique. His avatar bursts through that Linden Look barrier and achieves a “you know you want to look at me” status.

It’s no surprise his clothing line would do the same. I found the clothing casual, comfortable, stylish and colorful with the right amount of attitude tossed in. Not overly expensive though we all know mesh does cost more. The layout of the shop done by Josiah’s partner Vikee is amazing and gives you the feeling you are in a real life funky men’s store.

I wanted to show off these Tartan White T-shirts, they also come in rich colors [230L]  with the Dark Denim regular fit jeans [300L] with some very colorful back pockets. You get four sizes; small, medium, large and XL and the alpha; try the demos. Do I really still need to say that? I wore the small with no need to edit my shape though the clothing come with suggestions for your sliders to make any adjustments, always very helpful.

When you go make sure to join the group. There is a 500L fee but you get a really sweet outfit for it and with more things to come from JLB I think that’s the best deal. | 07 09 2012

I grabbed quite a bit and probably still not done :P I’ll be posting more things over the coming week in my usual mix & match way as well as my style column for the next TOO SEXY issue. I heard something about shoes from Vikee at the party? Dare I dream? xD

S T Y L E  C A R D

1. ::JLB:: P&T Mesh Tartan White T-Shirt 2. ::JLB:: Apparel – Dark Denim Rg Fit Jeans- T&G Wht Striped 3. *Dura-Boy*24 (Black)  4. ~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan skin – Brown – Tone 8  5. .Insufferable Dastard. Ultimate Eyes in Brown

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