Keshi Kiama

A Hair A Day… or Four

Hair Fair is upon us again and this time with a much improved sim layout with emphasis on efficiency and keeping lag at a minimum. I dare say they have succeeded. Onto the hairs! Lamb is one of my faves and boy I wish they made more male hair but fair enough. I think they’re hair textures are some of the best on the grid (no shiny shiny!). Eraserhead in Greyscale Granny! An instant homerun for me! It’s simple, clean with just the right amount of tousle.

Next was another of my faves, Exile. Been a fan of Kavar since way back! This very smart and posh looking style suits for any casual or trendy affair. In fact I plan to get married in it :P

And as always I go to Hair Fair and find a new designer I’d never heard of before. That would be INK, maybe not new to you but I say :P It’s new to me and that’s all that matters. ABSP in Blonde drew my eye with its relaxed, lazy day style. Still good enough to roll down to Starbucks on a Sunday morning.  YOKE, the second offering, reminds me a bit of ABSP but combed LOL. They’re both stunning styles and the textures are fantastic.

I’m sure there are some more jewels to be uncovered at Hair Fair. If you haven’t, which I doubt, hop your bum on over the the Fair. DKNY and Exile have a nice simple outfit for you to wear, it really helped with the lag in addition to all the planning done by the builders and Adorkable Poses. It’s important to note that the Slurls I’ve provided here will give you a beacon to the shop, not a direct landing so you’ll need to walk or grab one of the many boxes to scoot your way over there.

Big props to JLB Apparel for clothing that completely compliments these styles.

S T Y L E  C A R D


1. !lamb. Eraserhead – Granny 2. ::Exile::6th Avenue Heartache:Raven 3. [INK] Hair ABSP ::Blonde 4. [INK] Hair YOKE ::Blonde


1. ::JLB:: Apparel Pop Fashion T-Shirt Throwin Shade & ::JLB:: Low Cut V-Neck T-Shirt White w/ Grey 2. ::JLB:: Leather Cargo Shorts- Worn White and Grey 3. Alphavillain – Samuel Glasses  Tortoise Shell – Brown Lens & [CheerNo] Glasses . MARLEY* Roxo from The Dressing Room 4. [ZC] Hard metal bands and beads

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