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JLB Apparel is at it again with a jump-start on Fall 2012 and lining the Second Life male’s closet with these awesome pinstripe mesh blazers. These are simplistically designed and pair beautifully with any pants or jeans, even shorts if you do it right ;) | 08 01 2012

The pinstripe gives the blazer an elegant look and is subtle enough not to jump out and steal the focus of the rest of your ensemble. There is a selection of four colors; white, bright green, deep green and blue (truly exquisite shade of it as well). | 08 01 2012

At 200L (correction from 250L per JLB) a pop you can’t beat the price! Definitely the piece to incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

S T Y L E  C A R D

1. ::JLB:: White Pinstripe Blazer 2. Sweater Foebel – Red 3. [ h ] Mesh Pants – Black – High Rise 4. [ h ] Cambridge Boots – Burgundy 5. Tableau Vivant Ryan skin 6. .Insufferable Dastard. Ultimate Eyes Brown Faded 7. *Dura-Boy*24 (Dark Brown)

1. ::JLB:: Bright Green Pinstripe Blazer 2. Meriken Co. ELESE Green Shirt 3. {theosophy} Disserth Bowtie (Cloud) 4. ::Mr.Poet::Bakerboy Cap

Photographed at this location. Check it out!

Wandering Off the Point

“Wandering off the point” by Simotron Aquila offers an imaginary biting snapshot of our daily life full of small things and repeated occurrences.

Visit in Second Life

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