Keshi Kiama | Second Life Destination Hazardous sim

Hazard A Guess

I just felt like taking more photos and went looking for an interesting sim to quench my desire… | Second Life Destination Hazardous sim

Hazardous is designed to trip you up. Literally from the first entrance. Step on one of the wobbly tiles and prepare to have your avatar do the noob dust-off. Quite funny that.

Lots of great angles and locations in this place. I reckon I could shoot there for 10 blog posts and you’d never know it was the same place. Now that I’ve said that though of course I won’t do it. :P | Second Life Destination Hazardous sim

Was feeling Blazer-ish today so I dug out a Hoorenbeek suede stunner and paired it with JLB’s Skinny Jeans. The Hoorenbeek under jacket Tee’s are great for a casual layered look. Add a pair of CheerNo’s Tiger Social shoes and you’re good to go! | Second Life Destination Hazardous sim

I would love to warn you about the other hazards but that would spoil the fun wouldn’t it?

*style tip: add Hoorenbeek’s SL Master watch and perhaps a pair of specs for a smart look.


“Dream infinitely, remain fearless, but always seek hazardous adventures.” Hazardous is a mysterious and intriguing place to take a few photographs, hang out, dance, or just spend some quiet time reflecting. Seek it out.

Visit in Second Life

S T Y L E   |  C A R D

1. [ h ] Mesh Suede Blazer in Beige  2. [ h ] Tee for Jackets – Samurai  3. ::JLB:: Apparel White Skinny Jeans  4. [CheerNo] SOCIALShoes – Tiger  5. Whaley’s Prim Sock Grey Argyle  6. [ hoorenbeek ] Watch SL Master

S T A P L E S | || |  |||

SKIN | the body co. Breeze

HAIR | Exile Dustin in Autumn

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Shine Eyes v2 Blue-Green

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