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Pop that Art

New event folks for JLB Apparel @ fi*Friday. Everything for 55L. A perfect place to show off the Pop Art Tees.

These are available in 4 styles; Throwin’ Shade, Predator Love, Square Head and the one I’m sporting called 9Ladies. Very Warhol.

Our very own Josiah was the only creator to put out demos of his tees and I overheard more than one avie bitching about the lack of demos so just heads up. I don’t buy a thing mesh unless I can try it on. Hi5 JLB xD

I journeyed to a photo sim today called Image Essentials. It’s got everything you need to get some nice snaps in unique surroundings. There are photo rooms set up with everything from Couples to Female and Male poses to Groups. You will have to join the group to use the tools but its free so check it out :D

Did I mention I like demos? xD

*style tip: try these Pop Art Tees with JLB Apparel Cargo Shorts and throw some shade.

Image Essentials

Image Essentials is a free-for-use photography paradise. It consists of an entire sim landscaped to perfection including Japanese gardens, snowy winter wonderlands, meadows, beaches and forests. Those that love to explore will be mesmerized by the beautiful surroundings. Here you’ll find purpose-built photo studios filled with hundreds of props to use, as well as some stores to explore!

Visit in Second Life

S T Y L E   |  C A R D

1. ::JLB:: Apparel Pop Art V-neck T-Shirt 9Ladies  2. *Dura-Boy*41 in Strawberry

S T A P L E S | || |  |||

SKIN | the body co. Breeze

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Shine Eyes v2 in Blue-Green

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