Keshi Kiama

:: YAY ::

You know, there are times in your SL life when you do not want to log, you do not want to do anything, and you just stand in one place. Well, I been like that for a couple of weeks. There are times, I totally forgot I logged because it was a habit and became focused on other things.

However, you do have that ray of light that sneaks through the darkness and puts a smile on your face and knows what to do to makes you laugh. That light listens to you and does not take you granted. That light at times does get on your nerves, but you know they care for you as a sibling and a friend. The light also remains consistent and does not change because they know that someone does not deal with transition well. This same light nags the crap out of you knowing that you push myself way too hard in both worlds and have no problem with telling you how they feel about a situation and even cuss you out until you listen.

Well, I have discovered this light and I am proud to have him in both my worlds. Guess who?? …….. my SL bro and RL friend, Brendan MacArthur. Hehe..  I sit here with another reflection on my SL and started to think how we met.  I met, Mr. MacArthur at Costa Rica Sims when he attended my 1st Rezz Day Party. We totally hit it off on the first encounter and became instant friends. After some time, we just could not stay out of trouble and I swear, I do no know whose mouth is worse his or mines. But I think we are equal. I think the turning point of our friendship is on how we bonded with our RL and knowing our struggles and fears. Overall, he has been my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, and the person who I can harass when I am bored.

Brendan, thank you for being there. I would not know what to do with out you and GOOD LUCK with Mr. Metaverse 2013. Did I mention, he is Mr. Denmark for this pageant and I am dressed like this to help him with one of his sets. NOW, that is LOVE! Also, shine bright like a diamond. ;-D.. YAY!! for you…

BTW: Thank you, Dahriel for this wonderful pose.

This pose is from *PosESioN* called Yay! Couple Pose

Until Next Time, Tosha K.

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