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Damn Hoorenbeek always releasing things I have to have. Something new to buy! My friends who know me well are aware of my deep love of peacoats and scarves. I suppose it could be considered odd by some if they open my closet and see that I have enough to open my own store but oh well I love them.

Peacoats are probably the most versatile item one can own. They wear well through fall into winter and can even keep you comfortable on a chilly spring day. Summer is about the only time I won’t wear one, sometimes.

KK.COM | Hoorenbeek Mesh Peacoats

This coat comes with multiple ways to wear it. There’s the slightly open collar shirt, the shirt with tie (both white and black tie), a turtleneck and my favorite of course; a scarf. You can wear the collar of the coat down or pop it up. The only thing that Hoorenbeek could possibly do to make me love this coat even more is to make an open version of it. I think it would look snazzy with layered sweaters and polo shirts like that. (hints and leaves his pager # in case he wishes to discuss this)

KK.COM | Hoorenbeek | JLB Apparel

JLB Apparel were kind enough to release something I’d been meaning to bug him about. Dirty Jeans. ::hi5:: These cuffed wonders fit so amazingly good. In fact I think they’re the best jeans he’s made thus far. They have that nice almost skinny look but not going so far as to look like Howard on The Big Bang Theory. (Seriously Howard, sort that out.)

This whole outfit was made even more fun with the addition of a new skin called Jules from Clef de Peau. Thank you Marco for the drop :D

KK.COM | Clef de Peau Jules skin

Now normally I shy away from skins until they get old and everyone has moved onto the new stuff so I can look unique but that was also before I got better at messing with sliders and I’m pretty happy with my avatars face. I only needed to adjust a bit around the mouth. I had been looking for a skin that would go well with blonde hair since I got back and this one has fit the bill.

KK.COM | Clef de Peau Jules skin

This hand drawn skin comes in six shades 0 to 5, four freckle options, two smokey makeups and a lipgloss. The body is lightly muscled, the skin is flawless and the eyes are to die for, meaning the shape. My favorite parts are the pecs, the lips (they are made so artfully that reducing the cleft in the top lip didn’t give it that weird squished look the way some skins do) and the neck. Such a beautiful skin.

KK.COM | Clef de Peau Jules skin

Now according to the notecard these will be available on Marketplace soon. You can contact by IM LaPenderiedeNicole Resident for more info. There’s also an update group you can join now with 150L admittance fee. Well worth it if these are any indication of the gifts given.

If you’re looking for a nice vintage with that lived in look definitely check out Vintage Vinyl Records & Cafe. They have so many angles there I promise that you will get dizzy just trying to find a first shot.

*style tip: try a backpack and Kari’s stein boots for a smart and casual look

Vintage Vinyl Records & Cafe

Take a walk down the sleepy main street. Want to follow the creak of old metal to the airplane hanger? Follow the smell of fossilized grease to the cafe? Or just hang out in the cafe, find a corner to and sift through piles of old records. Maybe get to hear some amazing music? No rules, no restrictions, just a place to enjoy.

Visit in Second Life

S T Y L E   |  C A R D

1. [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Pea Coat Popped Collar in Beige with Turtleneck option  2. ::JLB:: Dirty Cuffed Jeans Darks  3. Kari Stein boots in grey  4. Exile Dustin hair in Autumn  5. Backpack from Mr.Poet

S T A P L E S | || |  |||

SKIN | clef de peau Jules Tone 3 worn with freckles option

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Shine Eyes v2 in Blue-Green


FACIAL HAIRFruk Face Fuzz in Light stubble

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