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Wipe Out

Yes we are actually living in 2013. I remember when I was eight or nine and thinking the 2000’s were going to be a huge deal. We will have cars that fly and life would be like the Jetsons. My folks were hippies so protest and fighting for equal rights were the acts of the day most times.

I didn’t think that in 2013 there would still be reluctance from our Supreme Court on the act of same-sex marriage. I found the following statement quite funny actually.

Justice Samuel Alito also urged caution, noting that gay marriage, as a concept, is “newer than cellphones and the Internet.”

But let me tell you why LOL. For me and I know this will show my techno ignorance but cellphones and apps and the internet to me feel like a new concept. I’ve seen same-sex couples pretty much all my life. Anything from family to friends to passersby. I’m still trying to figure out how to get some apps on my cell and don’t even get me started on showing my mother. I’ve seen and worked on County (red and blue states) websites for the last three years now and they seem to agree given the horrific HTML state that they are in when I start on them.

It’s encouraging that 45 of the 55 Senate Democratic caucus are now supporting marriage equality. It is probably inevitable that it will pass.

You know the people want this. We The People want to be treated as equals. No matter from where we hail or what pigment our skin tone is or what we choose to eat or who we choose to love. We The People have been awakened and it’s NOT a new concept.

YOU have just been moving too slow to keep up with the rest of US.

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1. From Reuters: Supreme Court wary of broad gay marriage ruling
2. Montana’s Tester backs marriage equality
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