Keshi Kiama
Keshi Kiama | Clef de Peau Simon skin Tone 6

The Smoke in His Eyes

Just when I was happy with my Jules skin from Clef de Peau, they come out with another that I just had to style. Look for an entire spread in the next issue of TOO SEXY featuring this truly mesmerizing skin.

Keshi Kiama | Clef de Peau Simon skin

While Jules suits my tastes for a fairer complexion, Simon strikes a different pigment cord within me. They both come in lighter tones (seven in total) but I just felt this one was born to be olive skinned for me.

It comes with three Kohl eyeliner versions, three versions of freckles, three subtle blushing shy eyes tints and my absolute fave; Viva Las Vegas facial hair and mustache.

Keshi Kiama | Clef de Peau Simon skin Tone 6

I strongly urge you to join the Clef de Peau group in-world (a truly reasonable 150L) and get this set and you’ll be rewarded with this gift of Simon in Blue.


I won’t give away too much or else Jordan might tie me up and do things to my body so just keep an eye out.

These were shot on the Ocho Tango sim, a beautiful lit spot with sprawling fields of gold and beautiful skies courtesy of the Abracadabra windlight. Definitely give it a look and have a tango while you’re at it ;)

*style tip: this skin looks exceptional with a nice rugged cowboy hat and jeans. 

Ocho Tango

Ocho Tango is a land dedicated to tango, with a milonga for dancing and live concerts. Fully immerse in a pampas, relax or stay with friends and loved ones. A great spot for photos as well.

Visit in Second Life

S T Y L E   |  C A R D

1. Clef de Peau Simon skin in Tone 6 with Viva Las Vegas facial hair & freckles  2. JustBecause MG Leisure slacks in cream  3. Riders straw cowboy hat, complimentary via Marketplace  4. Burley Kyle hair in black  5. ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*necklace  6. CASHMERE & KEANE Vivoldi watch in white

S T A P L E S | || |  |||

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Soulful v2 Beachy eyes (April Gift)


FACIAL HAIR | festyle Facial hair beard

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