Keshi Kiama

.:.Spring Memories.:.

Sitting around and thinking about the sweet memories that were developed last year.  The sweetest memory is the one when me and Kesh became like more than friends (like totally serious). I never thought I would pursuit a relationship in this world, but I did.  SL relationships are like RL ones such as the ups/ downs and the need of active communication. The anticipation of seeing your partner log because you miss them and wondering if they miss you too. You ponder if they are waiting to see you or they are looking for you on their friend’s list to see if you have logged as well. Yes, I am the sentimental type person who thinks of these things. Yes, I am a softy.. LOL.. Anyways, let talk about a little fashion.

I was so happy that my SL mommy, Madrid Solo, decided to establish a limited edition line. Kuddos to her for this idea. I always been a fan of her makeup especially her artistic approach to each set she creates. She even used my favorite color combination of purple and turquoise. LOVE LOVE LOVE… I decided to add Finesmith’s new set for a little dominance look with corset… Well, until next time and happy styling! May your day be filled with perfect love and trust. T.K.

1. [Belgravia] – Satin Corset – Wine, 2. Madrid Solo- Show Designs- Metropolis Upper Only (LIMITED EDITION), 3. Shakeup!Cosmetics – Sessie Lipgloss Dual [165] (COSMETIC FAIR), 4. FINESMITH Truth Set (bracelet, earrings, necklace, and shoulder pads.), 5. [LeLutka]-POMPAI hair – Pitch, 6. [LeLutka]-SEDUCTRESS volume sculpted lashes, 7. Deesses: Indira – Natural – Cappuccino, and 8. IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall

Pose: *PosESioN* Pencil Skirt 10

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