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Clef de Peau | ALBERT skin

Versatile; changing or fluctuating readily or Albert

Another stunning skin from Clef de Peau. ALBERT is a highly versatile skin whether using the provided shapes or making your own. With seven skin tones to choose from the only thing limiting you with options would be yourself :P

Clef de Peau | ALBERT skin

While I felt Simon suited my taste for olive skin, I find ALBERT appeals to the rainbow of creativity. I’ll be playing with and styling this skin for a while :D

I recently needed to style avatars for a video project (no I can’t say what for yet but you’ll find out soon) which included Malcolm X among others. I must have ventured to all the skin shops on SL. I suppose it just didn’t occur to me to even try ALBERT which I’d just received that morning. Those of you familiar with Malcolm X (Malcolm Little) are aware that he was nicknamed Detroit Red for his lighter skin, eyes and reddish hair. I tried ALBERT just to see and wow was I shocked! The rest was easy.

MALCOLM X | Clef de Peau ALBERT skin

As with all the Clef de Peau skins this one comes with freckles, beard, mustache and chin curtain as well as lip gloss for all seven tones and three shapes to get you started. Generally I don’t like shapes that come with skins but I find that these have such a pleasing appearance in the face and body done with correct proportions I quite enjoy wearing it with the shape provided.

*style tip: don’t be afraid to really mess with the shape on this skin. Its like elastic and extremely versatile. I’ve seen some really amazing images on FLICKR already. 

Happiness is Liberty

Happiness is Liberty is a place where problems are forgotten and relaxation takes priority. Take a stroll, enjoy the beach view, watch airplanes with a cup of coffee, get lost in a majestic forest or just laze about in the vast green landscape. This is a place for enjoyment. Enjoy it.

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S T Y L E   |  C A R D

1. Clef de Peau ALBERT skin in Tone 6 with ALBERT facial hair & freckles  2. flow pocket tank top | KAUNA black suit on Malcom X portrait   3. *Dura-Boys&Girls*30 (Dark Brown)  4. LANEVO hairbase DURA-SIENNA on Malcolm

S T A P L E S | || |  |||

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Soulful v2 Beachy eyes (April Gift) | MR.POET Hazel for Malcolm X


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One thought on “Versatile; changing or fluctuating readily or Albert

  1. You can’t imagine how happy I am reading at your comments :D
    Your styling is flawless as usual and I can’ t wait to see the video!
    Thank you so much Keshi!

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