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The Angel Connection

There’s just something about angels I’ve always been drawn to. Maybe it’s because they look so pure I just want to mess them up. Or perhaps it’s the myth and lore I grew up reading.

I’ve been wanting to do some really nice photos of my angelic self for a while now; and if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you :P | Clef de Peau JULES | CheerNo | EXILE | Illusions

My favorite JULES skin from Clef de Peau in Tone 2 fit the look perfectly. It’s already angelic to begin with so I didn’t really need to do much else. CHEERNO’s romantic gray eyes added just the right amount of mischief and EXILE’s Dustin hair gives a boyishly cupidon look. | Clef de Peau JULES | CheerNo | EXILE | Illusions

Wings, wings, wings. There are so many on Second Life take your pick. I used the ones from Illusions. I got these a long time ago so I’m not sure if they are still there. Even if they’re not, a trip to Illusions is always worth a fly over.

I definitely won’t complain if an angel falls into my lap. For now, let’s just listen to Annie, shall we?

S T Y L E | C A R D

1. Clef de Peau JULES skin in Tone 2   2. EXILE Dustin hair in Autumn  3. Illusions White Angel Wings  4. CHEERNO Romantic Gray eyes


Laying pose is custom. IM me if you want it.

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