Keshi Kiama

.:Sensuality is the New Black:.

Well, well, well, I cannot believe that I am blogging this but hey, I love this outfit and it is totally hot. As I was working on this outfit, the subject of sexuality came up in my head. I have no idea why, but it did and I thought it would be good topic and out of the fashion for bit. I am not going lie, but my hubby has taught me so much regarding sexuality. I greatly appreciate his openness on this subject and helping me get out of my shell.  It has been an interesting year for sure. He has definitely been the best partner in crime.

If we look at our sexuality one way, it looks a million times simpler than it actually is. If we look at it another way, it appears a million times more complicated.  We need to remember the bare bones and the human element of the thing, and keep the essentials in the forefront of our minds.

Don’t forget that sex and sexuality are supposed to be pleasurable and bring you joy and richness. So many of the messages sent out to young people are about the dangers of sex or dating, are about saying no to sex based on very general and arbitrary ethics that may not be your own, and make sex out to be the bad, when really, it doesn’t have to be. If you aren’t ready for sexual partnership, then no, sexual partnership isn’t going to be right for you right now.We all err sometimes; we learn, we move on. We’re an adaptable species like that.

Your sexuality is yours to have, explore and enjoy even all by yourself, and yours to share with partners, when and if you’re ready and willing to do that. When you respect it and you, it’s a wonderful part of who you are, one that has the power to enrich your life and make you feel physically and emotionally great. And it can be great responsibly and healthfully: a lot of the time, we plop sex and adventure into the same pile, and assume that for sex to feel great, it has to be risky or we have to feel “naughty” doing it, and that just isn’t the case. In fact, it’s reasonable to say that if our culture could ditch a lot of the taboo and shameful attitudes it has about sex, the whole lot of us would be a much healthier people, physically and emotionally.

So, if you’re engaged in sex in any way that makes you feel bad, stop and look at that. Sometimes, sex can be disappointing, either alone or with partners, that happens the same way any aspect of life can be disappointing or just plain lame. But if that’s the case continually, it’s time for a change, be that by splitting from a partner, pulling back on something you’re doing or asking for things you want but aren’t getting, taking better care of your sexual health or spending more time getting to know your own body, reevaluating your sexual identity or taking a break from sex altogether for a while. If you can’t feel or experience the joy of sex, then it’s just not worth doing. And when you can? Let yourself enjoy it. That’s what it’s there for.

So Remember..

1. Be your own your first partner, before anyone else.
2. Learn to talk openly about sex.
3. Be honest. For real.
4. Ditch the drama. Save it for the llamas.
5. Use and trust your own best judgment.
6. Respect your body and yourself.
7. Honor your feelings, even when it’s a bummer.
8. Be your whole self, not just your sexual self.
9. Further your sexual education.
10. Enjoy yourself and your sexuality

Sorry for the rant on this, but usually when I have something on my mind. I love to share with you all. Feel Free to do the same. Until next time, Tosha K.

SHORTS: PURE POISON- Leather Studded – S
BRACELETS: Variant Cuff – Obsidian & PURE POISON – Silver Naira Spiked Bracelet
EYE MAKEUP: blackLiquid MAKEUP – orient silver (new)
LIPS MAKEUP: Shakeup!Cosmetics – Linx [L120t]
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Mesh Hair – Night shadow
SHOES: REDGRAVE Helena (not shown)
HANDS: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual with blackLiquid Glitter Set 2

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