Keshi Kiama

Pumpin’ Louder

Feeling very free these days. Not released from bondage free but just open and going with the flow. Letting myself run downstream instead of pushing against and struggling upstream. Whose got time for that? :P

Pumpkin released some excellent skinny jeans with changeable texture patches on the knees and man do they hug in all the right places. The tight tee is spot on and doesn’t have that overly big look that some mesh tees do. I have played around a bit with weight painting in Maya and I do know how hard that is especially with something like a tight tee so hats off to Pumpkin for this exceptionally well made tee.

I like simple and sexy so I go with plain white tees and dark jeans. Don’t let that sway you of course. There were loads of colors and the patches HUD includes 7 textures to mix it up. I’m using the Patriotic good ole US of A.

Totally in love with the Chris hair from Redgrave. Its really got this soft kind of want to run your fingers through it look. Go ahead, I won’t bite ;)

This shade of brown suits Jules tone 2 so well. The brows on this skin are one of the best I’ve ever worn on a male skin. It’s usually one of the drawbacks that will keep me from buying a skin and yes that means my love affair with Clef de Peau is still going on. We’re discreet though ;)


Finished off this simple and casual attire with some fantastic shoes from Entente, a present courtesy of the lovely Tosh. The girl has good taste ;) If you haven’t had the pleasure do check out Entente. They sell texture packs that you can load onto many items like these shoes for a more personal and unique presentation.

Now its time for some sex. Oh yes. Take it away Mr. Michael! Wooooohoooooo!!

S T Y L E | C A R D

1. Clef de Peau JULES skin in Tone 2   2. [Pumpkin]Tight T-shirt  & Patched skinnies Dark Blue  3. REDGRAVE Hair CHRIS in Brown   4.  -Entente Rayon Shoes texture pack blue, red, navy and burgundy

S T A P L E S | || | |||

EYES |[CheerNo] Romantic Gray Eyes and Mesh Hands

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2 thoughts on “Pumpin’ Louder

  1. TAKESHI!!!!! WOOT!

  2. Tosha Bergan-Kiama on said:

    Some one is feeling free now, I wonder why.. hehehe! So happy to have the good ole’ Kesh back that I feel in love with.. :-P

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