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Heya.. I hope everyone is well. I am still on vacation in Philly and I am totally of loving it.  Last night was very interesting on my SL social media from FB to Flickr. It  was somewhat disappointing to read some the comments that were made regarding a certain subject. I feel more dishearten about the manner, personally. I totally stay away from giving my opinion or any kind of drama in this virtual world, that was just getting out of hand when I recognized the example that was used as a generalization. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion on what is beauty or what is beautiful or what is not the look to have, but everyone has a different eye and perceptive on this. I work as a therapist and photographer in the world that pays my bills and I have to tell you my eye is totally different from others. For I do respect the opinions of others, but when you are acting ignorant or just plain simple stupid, that just tells me you like drama and you need some attention to yourself because you are fading out of the light. It is just amazing how cliques stick together especially when the manner is subjective. I guess the problems lies when the example is someone you know and it can be taken as a personal attack. Maybe my view is different, but I just to put it out there. I have always been kind and nice to everyone in SL no matter where my issues lies, but please believe I will call you out when I have to and everyone who knows me will tell you that they respect me for that. I kinda lost alot of respect for some people in this virtual world, because of their character which I can feel strongly when I am in conversations with them. At the end, their likes, dislikes, and opinions are all respected. That is what an adult is.. I think some of us forget that and take other people’s opinions as humor and not respecting the other person. I hope everyone remember that every one has a real person behind these avatars and you have to take in consideration that feelings are here in this world as well. If you cannot understand that, there is something really going on with your conscious and you really need to do some searching of one self. I am going to end this paragraph with this quote:

“How would your life be different if…You stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day…You stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others”

Now, some fashion talk.. I am loving the new designs of Pure Poison that is being featured yet again in the SL Fashion Week. I always get happy when I see her previews in the group. Psst, The HAIR FAIR is still going on….you better get your extensions while you can. Well, I am off to explore the city. Happy styling and until next time, Tosha K.

Amacci Hair Carol ~ Chocolate (exclusively for the Hair Fair)
Pure Poison – Candy Pistacho Jewelry Set (exclusively for the SL Fashion Week)
Deesses Skins: Alicia – black eyebrows – ice frappe
[mock]Indigo Rochelle Emerald Linen Umbridge [eye] [Lip 0]

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  1. well said gf. can’t wait to see you in a few days <3

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