Keshi Kiama


Oh well, I am sitting in my hotel room trying to get  a break before I get out and about. I had a great week especially exploring the cities of Philly and NYC. Might I add, it is hot as heck. Yeah, I chose a great week to come didn’t I? I  have so many things to think about when I go back to Alabama. I have so many decisions that need to be made, blah blah blah..  My poor lil brain will have to go into over time.

Back to some fashion, I took this picture before I left for my trip so I kinda late saving it. But it is better late then never, right.. Until next time, Tosha K.


*LpD* – *Tea* Dress
Madrid Solo- Eyebrows – Plain Black Thin Eyebrows (Featured @ Gypset Market)
blackLiquid MAKEUP – PANSY PINK LIQUID GLAZE (in Main Store)
blackLiquid HAIR – LOUIS (Featured @ The Couturier’s Docks)

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