Keshi Kiama

.:Back from Vacation :.

Hey Yall..

I hope everyone is doing well. I am just trying to get back in the swing of things since my vacation to Philly to see the other half. I had a great time, but it will be a blog post later about my trip and how it has been a year for us. I might even get Kesh to put his input in this one. Wish me luck with that one.

Anyways, there are alot of events that are going on at the moment. One is the Love Donna Flora! and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (which will be opening on the 31st of July). Just going to show off a combination from both events. :-D . Sorry for a short post, but I am still exhausted from my trip. Until next time, Tosha K.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

1. *LpD* – *Lavinia* Dress Pink (available @ Love Donna
Flora!, 2. [mock] Cosmetics Pinky Pearl Lipstain, 3. blackLiquid MAKEUP – orient pink, 4. [mock]Pink (light ice) Liz Shadow, 5. Apricot Paws – Monster Scarf – Tasty Pink (available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival), 6. blackLiquid HAIR – CULTURE midnight (available @ Love Donna Flora!), and 7. Pure Poison – Sakura Garden Earrings – Pink


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