Keshi Kiama
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and the Doctors Fashion Sense

Adieu, bow-ties. You’re still cool.

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is upon us and as we say goodbye to Matt Smith (brilliant Doctor!) and hello to Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, I’m looking forward to a whole new style.

Don’t misunderstand. Bow-ties are cool. Eternally, stubbornly, fabulously cool. However part of the fun of the show is seeing how the Doctor’s dress sense changes with each regeneration.


I’ve been wearing the Harris Tweed by Kauna for a while now (think it’s starting to bore the Missus) and mostly because of the snazzy bow-tie and waistcoat. I know I’m not alone because I see it all over SL®. I thought that I would give Matt’s Doctor a mix and throw on some blue jeans which is definitely more me.


Real life projects have kept me from blogging this skin as much as I’ve wanted to but Nicholas has the most beautifully painted lips and eyebrows. I know, I know. I keep going on about these but you have no idea… well maybe you do, of how many skins I have in my inventory. Going through phases is one thing but its as if he took all the ideas I had and wanted from different skins (does he have a CCTV in my brain? Cause that will scar him for life for sure) and put them into his creations. So yes I will continue to make you hurl. No just kidding. I know the skins are doing really well. I see them on blogs and you guys are looking amazing!


Nicholas skin went beautifully with new hair from DURA. You don’t have to but I highly recommend getting the hair-base from LANEVO (right across from the new hairs) to go with #45. Check out the hair-base with bun as well. Works great for male and female.

I found some dusty boxes in my inventory under Shoes and pulled out these stunning Murphys in green from Shiny Things! I used to camp out at that store. At least that was what it felt like since I was there everyday to see if she’d released anything new. Talk about standing the test of time!


If you do happen to be a Doctor Who fan don’t stop checking outside your window for the TARDIS to land but in the meantime you can visit some cool locales and even get yourself a TARDIS of your own. Just don’t steal it like he did. Rule Number One. The Doctor lies.

S T Y L E | C A R D

1. Clef de Peau NICHOLAS skin in Tone 1 freckles   2. Kauna Harris Tweed waistcoat and plaid shirt  3. *JustBecause* MG Jeans in dark blue  4. Shiny Things Murphys in green  5. *Dura-Boy*45(Blonde)   6.  LANEVO Hairbase No. 02 Short in Blonde  7. ADJUNCT Delta Glasses – Gold

S T A P L E S | || | |||

EYES | Insufferable Dastard Version 2 Shine Eyes Blue/Green

Location: Britannia Village & Seaside

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