Keshi Kiama
La Penderie de Jules, Clef de Peau

Jules and the Wardrobe

A wardrobe worth having is here from La Penderie de Nicole fame, now Jules. I will be blogging more of these in the coming days as they are so comfortable and versatile. A wonderful addition to the stunning skin line from Clef de Peau.

S T Y L E  C A R D

1 | La Penderie de Jules ::Diamonds&Pearls Hoodie, Anchor, Mickey Mouse, Scales & Tree
2 | Cotton Shorts in White by GizzA
3 | Clef de Peau::JULIAN:: T1 BL
4 | Clef de Peau::JULIAN:: Shape 1
5 | Clef de Peau ::Julian:: Freckles 2
6 | LANEVO HAIRBASE No.03 Bun (Dura Blonde)
7 | Fruk Face Fuzz Light stubble
8 | Slink Men Natural Barefeet
9 | CheerNo Hands
10 | Insufferable Dastard Shine Eyes v2 Blue-Green

#secondlife #lapenderiedenicole #clefdepeau

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One thought on “Jules and the Wardrobe

  1. Thank you so very much Keshi Dear,you’re amazing :DDDD

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